Micro SIM adapter

Micro SIM to SIM adapter is a must have accessory for every iPhone owner that allows people to use micro SIM card with every cell phone. Smart designed edges will never let the micro SIM adapter to stuck in tray.

Our high-quality micro SIM adapters had been reviewed by hundreds of respectable sources.

Micro SIM cutter

Without this micro SIM cutter, you need to cut your sim card to micro sim yourself. You have to measure it, mark cut-lines on the card, take a pair of scissors...what a headache! You must be very careful not to damage the card or your hands.

With our micro SIM cutter, all measurements are already accurately done - you just need to insert your sim card correctly and press the handle!

Professional micro SIM cutter

This is our patented professional micro SIM cutter. It is hand-made in a small series and will not operate if the 2ff SIM-card is not positioned correctly. It cuts the SIM exactly +/- 1/100 mm and is suitable for use in the warehouses and labs of network operators.

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